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#TFH on #VLR 4/30: @AwakeGOP, @redsoutrage, & more!

UPDATE! Replay added! Their Finest Hour hits Vigilant Liberty Radio LIVE at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific on Saturday, April 30th! Please join me for the program in VLR’s chatroom with show player. If you’re one of those folks too shy to chat in an anonymous-if-you-want chatroom, you can listen using the other embedded players you’ll find around the site, or head direct to Spreaker or use one of their mobile device apps!

Katie Jerkovich (Twitter)

It’s going to be a great show, because I’m welcoming my good friend and newly minted Daily Caller entertainment writer Katie Jerkovich (@redsoutrage)! Katie’s been writing up a storm over there, so we’ll be covering a lot of cultural bases with some political crossover. Plus, Katie’s California is shaping up to be the final battlefield to decide who wins the Republican nomination for President. As she’s on the ground there, and has been to some campaign events personally, it’ll be interesting to hear her perspective.

Sarah Kingston (Twitter)

My second guest this evening is Sarah Kingston (@AwakeGOP) for a first time appearance! I’ve asked Sarah on the program because (a) I know her to be reasonable, and (b) she is a Donald Trump supporter. We’ll talk about how she’s come to backing Trump after supporting several others of the supposed 2016 GOP “deep bench”. And we’ll do it with something nearly entirely lacking in interactions between Trump supporters and not: mutual respect!

GoingRedBannerAdAlso, as many of my regular listeners know, I’m not the biggest Carly Fiorina fan, so her tapping by Ted Cruz to be his Vice President…somehow…will probably be worked in with me telling a little story and then going on a huge rant about how if Senator Cruz had actually run a campaign worthy of 2016 and not 1980, he wouldn’t be straw-grasping right now.

And finally, I’ll have to pay some very special birthday wishes to a very special someone in my life.

Oh, and may take a call or two – (412) 206-6050 is the number.

Here’s the show replay! Great time & discussion was had by all! (MP3 download)


TFH Live, August 25: Matt Lewis & Kevin Boyd!

UPDATE – REPLAY ADDED BELOW! Their Finest Hour returns live to Vigilant Liberty Radio at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific on Monday, August 25th! There’s a lot of great talk and commentary on tap, plus I’ll be opening up the phones in the 11:00 hour!

Matt Lewis (Photo: Daily Caller)

First up will be Matt Lewis (@mattklewis) of The Daily Caller and The Week. Matt’s segment is being pre-recorded mid-Monday afternoon, and will be a whirlwind of current events from Iraq, to Ferguson, to the Rick Perry indictment, a look-ahead to the mid-term elections, and much more!

Kevin Boyd (Photo: Twitter)

Then in hour two, TFH will return to where I started just over a year ago with a live visit from my very first guest, Kevin Boyd (@kevinboyd1984)! Kevin writes all over the place it seems, so we’ll be getting his takes on what I covered with Matt Lewis, and anything else that comes up.

Plus, it’s with Kevin that we’ll be taking calls, so be sure to tune in for call-in instructions! I’ve also got a 70th anniversary Medal of Honor recipient to recognize and it’s the eve of the one-year anniversary of my amazing trip to the White House to cover the Medal of Honor presentation to SSG Ty M. Carter! A packed broadcast night, that’s for sure!

Here’s the replay of tonight’s show! You can click “Spreaker” in the player to download the show as an MP3 for offline listening too!

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