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Katie Jerkovich LIVE in Hour 2!

UPDATE: REPLAY ADDED! buy viagra online canada paypal is LIVE on ez online pharmacy buy viagra usa tonight at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific! Clearly, there’s lots to talk about!

In the first hour, I’m hoping to get a pro-gun control voice to join me for a spirited, yet respectful, discussion on firearms and the Second Amendment in the wake of last week’s horrific, racism-fueled mass-murder in Charleston, South Carolina. Whether that comes to pass or not, I’ll still give my take on the topic.

buy viagra super active onlineAs a result of Charleston, plus a recent Supreme Court ruling, the display of the Confederate flag is back in the news, and on that I’ve got a little bit of a rant ready. I think I’ll also get ranty about the United States Government outsourcing some IT operations and development to China – and with recent data breaches, you can see where that’s gotten us.

In hour 2, I’ll be welcoming Katie Jerkovich (aka “Red Pickle” – Twitter: buy viagra professional online) back to the program! buy female viagra online at her new gig at buy female viagra online india, plus we have to talk about the great result for farmers and liberty that the Supreme Court handed down in buy female viagra online australia, which buy female viagra online uk

Appropriate also that I’ll have Katie on as it’s buy female viagra online cheap!

Phones will also be open! buy cialis and viagra online for the program and interact with us as the show goes on! You can also listen buy viagra online, a Spreaker mobile app, or using the other embedded show players you’ll find here.

10E/9C/8M/7P – don’t miss the show!

Here’s the replay!

safe buy viagra online canada

UPDATE: REPLAY ADDED!! I’m live tonight on ez online pharmacy buy viagra usa for another great addition of buy viagra online safely! Please come join the program in buy viagra online in usa and interact!

buy viagra online canadianIn hour one, I’ll be giving my takes on a whole host of current news stories, including the Nepal earthquake, the Supreme Court hearing the gay marriage case tomorrow, ride sharing regulation in Pennsylvania, and a whole lot more! Phones will be open too, so if you have a take, call us up! Tune in for your instructions on how to get on the program!

In the second hour, I’ll be joined by Katie “Red Pickle” (buy viagra professional online)! Katie has written both here and at our partner site buy viagra online india and has also been a regular guest on various VLR programming. Katie and I will both be attending buy viagra online free shipping (warning: Koch Bros.!) conference this upcoming weekend, so we’ll discuss our expectations for the event. Katie also has a story brewing on buy viagra usa online, a case involving California raisin farmers that is set for oral arguments before the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

All in all, should be a rip-roaring great time, so tune in! Don’t forget you can also buy viagra us pharmacy or using one of the other show players you’ll find embedded here or elsewhere, buy viagra usa 2013!

It all starts at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific – don’t miss!

Show replay! Remember, you can download a copy for offline listening by clicking the show title in the player, which takes you to the download page!

buy viagra cheap online australia

buy viagra online safely returns LIVE tonight (March 23) to ez online pharmacy buy viagra usa at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific! I’m looking forward to getting back on-air tonight after last week’s absence for family reasons…and hoping that a last minute change there won’t preempt me again!

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) announced his 2016 Presidential campaign today, so that will be topic number one. I’m a fan of Cruz, but not a fan of him running for President. Did his speech change my mind at all?

The United States Supreme Court is hearing a case today whether or not a private group can exercise its First Amendment rights by having Texas place a Confederate battle flag on their license plates. Yeah, I’ve got an opinion.

So much more to talk about too! I’m still building my topic list, but you can have the chance to set the discussion as well! Yes! Phones will be open pretty much from the start, so be sure to tune in for the call-in instructions!

Of course, buy viagra pills in india will be open and we hope you join us there! Other listening options are the player here at the right, buy viagra pills online uk, or through one of Spreaker’s mobile apps.

Going to be a great show! 10E/9C/8M/7P!

And here’s the replay! Click the show title in the player to go to where you get an MP3 for offline listening if you want/need!

buy viagra online legally uk

UPDATE: REPLAY ADDED BELOW! I’m back live on ez online pharmacy buy viagra usa (can i legally buy viagra online in australia) tonight at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific for another rip-roaring hour-plus of talk on current events!

Liberty received good news from the US Supreme Court pretty much across the board in the last week. From rejecting laws that prevented pro-life activists from picketing abortion clinics, to requiring search warrants for the police to look at your mobile phone, to saying home health care workers can’t be union-extorted, to saying that private citizens can’t be forced to offer items through their businesses that violate their religious beliefs, and more, the individual got just a little more of their sovereignty protected.

Joining me tonight for another appearance on TFH is Amanda, who hopefully you know from Twitter as buy cheapest viagra online uk. We’ll be talking about the Supreme Court decisions and a whole lot more! I’ll be opening up the phones too, so you’ll have the chance to join our program live! Be sure to tune in to get the call-in instructions!

Unfortunately, I had to cut the show short due to a family emergency, but what we had was great! Here’s the replay, plus you can click “Spreaker” in the player to be taken to the location to download an MP3 for offline listening!

And finally, don’t forget your Facebook “likes” for pfizer viagra buy online in india and buy online viagra in india cash on delivery!