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Gunnery Sergeant Robert H. McCard, USMC (June 16, 1944)

where can i buy metformin http://ezparkindy.com/20-n-pennsylvania-st-indianapolis/ BLOGGER’S NOTE: This post will be shorter than the normal celebration of a Medal of Honor recipient. I am in an area with even less connectivity than I anticipated, and had to keep this to the citation and not much else. The post will be enhanced upon my return to civilization sometime on Wednesday, June 19.

Robert Howard McCard was born on November 25, 1918 in Syracuse, New York. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps during 1939, and landed with the 4th Marine Division at the outset of the Battle of Saipan on June 15, 1944. The action for which he was decorated took place the following day on June 16th. Continue reading Gunnery Sergeant Robert H. McCard, USMC (June 16, 1944)