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Technician 5th Grade John J. Pinder, Jr., USA (June 6, 1944)

additional reading John J. Pinder, Jr. was born outside Pittsburgh in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania on June 6, 1912. When he was drafted into the United States Army on January 27, 1942, he was a minor league baseball player.

Misoprostol online no prescription and overnight Pinder’s 32nd birthday was D-Day, June 6, 1944. He celebrated by hitting Omaha Beach in the initial assault waves with the 1st Infantry Division‘s 16th Infantry Regiment.

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TFH 9/13-14: Corporal Charles E. Kelly, USA

By now, you should have read the stories of Arnold L. Bjorklund and William J. Crawford, both of whom were awarded the Medal of Honor while serving with the 36th Infantry Division in Italy on September 13, 1943 – seventy years ago today. Now, for the story of the third 36th Division soldier to receive our Nation’s highest honor on that day of battle.

Charles E. Kelly was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 23, 1920. He grew up as what today would be called a “troubled youth”, joining street gangs and often finding himself in trouble with the police. He entered service with the United States Army in May 1942, where his troubles continued, including occurrences of him being absent without leave.

Regardless, by the time the 36th stormed ashore on the Italian mainland at Salerno on September 9, 1943, he was a Corporal with Company L, 3rd Battalion, 143rd Infantry Regiment. Four days later in action near Altavilla through September 14, he fought so hard and intensely that he was later known as “Commando Kelly, the One Man Army.” Continue reading TFH 9/13-14: Corporal Charles E. Kelly, USA


AC Judge Manning: Troubling Story

This article, “Judge Manning facing federal inquiry“, troubles me. One of my dilemmas as a voter are those “judge retention” elections, where basically you get to say yea or nay on whether or not a jurist should remain on the bench. I usually don’t cast a vote for those, since I don’t know enough about the judges in question.

Allegheny County Judge Jeffrey Manning, however, is one that I always pull the lever for his retention. I’ve read about and followed some of the cases he’s presided over, and by all accounts he is fair yet strict in applying the law to the letter as it is written.

I sincerely hope that the referenced investigation turns up nothing and that Judge Manning is vindicated of these allegations of preferential treatment to a defense attorney that he is reportedly friends with.