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TFH 12/5: Major Thomas E. Dayton, USAF

Thomas E. Dayton was born in New York on June 3, 1933. He began his military service on July 7, 1953 when he entered the United States Military Academy, West Point. As the United States Air Force hadn’t opened their own service academy yet, he opted to join that service and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant after graduating in June of 1957. Dayton earned his pilot’s wings and in various roles flew the North American F-86 http://achieveyourdreams.net/podcast/there-are-only-two-tragedies-in-life-one-is-not-getting-what-one-wants-and-the-other-is-getting-it/ Sabre, the Convair F-102 where to buy accutane philippines Delta Dagger, and the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.

When it came time for Dayton to fly into battle over Southeast Asia with the 22nd Special Operations Squadron at Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base, he piloted a Douglas A-1 Skyraider. The 22nd’s primary mission was to interdict and destroy enemy forces and supplies along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, as well as other attack missions and the vital role of escorting and coordinating search and rescue missions for downed American fliers. Continue reading TFH 12/5: Major Thomas E. Dayton, USAF


TFH 3/18: Captain John Edgar Lackey, USAF

CSAR – Combat Search And Rescue. One of the more dangerous jobs in combat, as if any job is safe. CSAR forces have the role of rescuing shot-down airmen before they can be captured by the enemy. Think about it. An aircraft is shot down and the crew bails out. It reasons to believe that the helicopters that will do the extraction and the fighters and/or attack planes that will fly cover are going to encounter the same anti-aircraft batteries that shot our plane down in the first place – only the rescue forces are at even greater risk because they’ve got to get down close to the ground. These brave men and women don’t care; the lives of their comrades on the deck and running are worth it.

Continue reading TFH 3/18: Captain John Edgar Lackey, USAF