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Technician Fifth Grade Forrest E. Peden, USA (February 3, 1945)

Forrest E. Peden was born on October 3, 1913 in Saint Joseph, Missouri. He was living in Wathena, Kansas and working in automotive service when he was drafted for World War II service in the United States Army on February 3, 1943 at age 29. Peden was trained as an artilleryman and fought in Europe with the 10th Field Artillery Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Division.

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Technician 4th Grade Laverne Parrish, USA (January 18 & 24, 1945)

Laverne Parrish was born on July 16, 1918 in Knox City, Missouri. He was living in Ronan, Montana when he was drafted for service in the United States Army prior to our entry into World War II on March 4, 1941. Parrish served during wartime in the 25th Infantry Division in the Pacific, and was a medical aidman with the medical detachment of the division’s 161st Infantry Regiment.

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Private Ova A. Kelley, USA (December 8, 1944)

Ova Arthur Kelley was born on March 27, 1914 in Norwood, Missouri. He was a farm hand who had completed only three years of high school when he was drafted into the United States Army on October 15, 1943 at age 29.

After completing training, Kelley was placed in Company A, 1st Battalion, 382nd Infantry Regiment as part of the 96th Infantry Division. The division’s first action would be the Battle of Leyte in the Philippines.

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Ferguson From My Eyes

Being a white woman, I often times feel uncomfortable when reading or confronting any black individual on the issue of Ferguson. Let’s face it: race is controversial because we are too afraid and/or stubborn to look at the issue head-on. Some liberals claim that we live in a post-racial world in order to escape the conversation, while some conservatives simply say “this isn’t about race” and leave it at that. Whether we like it or not, the protests ARE about race and the protests aren’t only directly related to the Ferguson case. The outrage is at a system that is, in fact, biased against African-Americans (particularly men).

I don’t know what it’s like to be black or male… or both! I simply cannot claim to understand these things for the blatantly obvious fact that I am neither black nor male. Yet, I can speak from the experience of a Generation X female.

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TFH 2/3-8: Second Lieutenant Paul F. Riordan, USA

Paul F. Riordan was born in Charles City, Iowa on November 8, 1920. Like so many of the men who fought for the United States during World War II, much of the details of his life are lost to history. He moved with his family from Iowa to Missouri in 1937, and volunteered for the United States Army in 1940.

By February 1944, Riordan was a Second Lieutenant with the 133d Infantry Regiment, part of the 34th Infantry Division. Riordan and the “Red Bull” division were locked in combat in Italy in the early phases of the Battle of Monte Cassino.

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