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TFH 4/15: 2 Air Force Crosses – Caldwell & Shaub

buy Clomiphene 50 mg online The United States Air Force‘s 776th Tactical Airlift Squadron flew the Lockeed C-130 http://wendybeckerman.com/shows/two-songwriters-wendy-beckerman-and-andrew-page/ Hercules for air logistics missions across Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam. With the beginning of North Vietnam’s Easter Offensive, some besieged friendly forces could only be resupplied by airdrop.

On April 15, 1972 – 40 years ago – one C-130 from the 776th was struck by heavy antiaircraft artillery en route to its drop zone. The critically wounded aircraft was aflame. The cargo of ammunition was seconds away from detonating. The gallant pilot struggled to regain control of the damaged plane and save it. The loadmaster knew that the fire would be their doom if the cargo remained aboard the plane. Both men received the Air Force Cross for their heroism. They were Captain William R. Caldwell and Staff Sergeant Charles L. Shaub. Continue reading TFH 4/15: 2 Air Force Crosses – Caldwell & Shaub