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Second to none: Cowan, López, & Soderman (December 17, 1944)

buy 300 mg Quetiapine December 17, 1944 was the second day of the Battle of the Bulge, Nazi Germany’s last ditch counter-offensive to stave off defeat in Western Europe at the hands of the Allies. The early days of the offensive were marked by rapid gains by the enemy and stalwart, heroic defenses by the besieged Americans in their path. Three soldiers of the United States Army‘s 2nd Infantry Division were awarded the Medal of Honor for their courage that day.

http://livefitandhealthynow.com/5-different-ab-workouts-that-will-vastly-improve-your-core-abdominal-strength/?share=facebook They were Private First Class Richard E. Cowan, Sergeant José M. López, and Private First Class William A. Soderman.

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