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Oh My God, It’s a Godzilla Review!

Ken Watanabe shows surprise and fear in Godzilla
“They are all…perfect.” (Image: Legendary/WB via IMDB)

http://pilatesbangkok.co/คอร์สครูสอนพิลาทีส-polestar-pilates-training/polestar-pilates-instructor-training-bangkok-32/ http://freedailysameness.com/author/allan-tiger/ Typically when I sit down to write one of these reviews, I take a quick look around the Internet to see what others have said so as not to sound repetitive and help crystallize my own thoughts. With this new Godzilla film, it seems opinions are all over the place.  I, for one, thought it was awesome.  Continue reading Oh My God, It’s a Godzilla Review!