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TFH for Labor Day – Some Greatest Hits!

http://calgarywindowreplacement.org/23115-nitroglycerin-ointment-buy-online.html train No live Their Finest Hour this week as I’m taking the Labor Day holiday off. No worries, TFH fans, because this means you’ve got a great opportunity to go back and listen to some programs you may have missed, or that you just want to hear again!

buy Clomiphene online reviews I’ve picked four shows from earlier this year that I’m particularly proud of, and that I particularly enjoyed. Links are to the original show posts, players are embedded here for convenience, and of course, you can click “Spreaker” in any of the players to be taken to the page where you can download MP3 copies for offline listening.

http://memricaprompt.com/16888-atorlip-f-price.html Enjoy the replays, and we’ll catch you back with a new Their Finest Hour on Vigilant Liberty Radio on Monday, September 8th!

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TFH at the Movies: Live in 3D! – August 18

http://lootoptional.frozenfoxmedia.com/40707-arimidex-uk.html filter UPDATE: REPLAY ADDED! Their Finest Hour returns to Vigilant Liberty Radio live on Monday, August 18th, at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific! This week, we’re taking a cultural excursion into film and cinema!

Joining me for the program will be Chris “Cranky T-Rex” (@CrankyTRex), whose movie reviews have been great content here at TFH and Amy (@moderncomments), host of VLR’s Modern Comments Radio (Wednesdays, 10pm Eastern).

We’ll be talking about our favorite movies, and how we as conservatives/libertarians/conservatarians need to  https://rangerpauls.com/21785-skinoren-cream-price.html fabricate use http://potaytoes.com/93493-elocon-cream-uk.html bargain  what the culture gives us rather than reflexively fight against it. We’ll also discuss how films that set out to deliver a conservative message aren’t helpful if the product isn’t up to par.

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TFH on VLR April 28th: Martini Hour with Jazz Shaw!

Their Finest Hour returns live to Vigilant Liberty Radio at 10pm Eastern (9C/8M/7P) on Monday, April 28th for another great hour-plus of talk on the issues of the day! This week, I’m welcoming Jazz Shaw (@JazzShaw), weekend editor of HotAir.com and martini connoissuer, to the guest’s chair. Jazz, through his HotAir involvement and past days of helping host The Ed Morrissey Show’s chat room is partially to thank (blame?) for hooking me back into regular blogging in 2011, and here we are!   learn buy nolvadex UPDATE: REPLAY BELOW!

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