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#TFH on #VLR 3/5: #CPAC2016 & more!

http://i-dentalgroup.com/27922-buy-cabergoline-uk.html TFHRsquareVLR-SaturdayGreetings! I will be doing Their Finest Hour LIVE on Vigilant Liberty Radio tonight, Saturday, March 5th, but not at my regularly scheduled start time of 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific. My family and I are going out to the local high school’s musical, so the show will begin no earlier than 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific, but there’s a bit of variability. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter, plus the feeds for TFH and VLR, and watch for the actual start time! Join me for the show in VLR’s chatroom with embedded player (or use the other players you find on the site, or listen direct on Spreaker).

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http://poetrybysteven.com/54984-tylenol-uk.html centralize I just got back from the American Conservative Union’s (ACU) Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, MD outside Washington, DC. I was there for the event’s first two days, and listened in while I was driving home on some of the events that transpired today, so I’ll give my thoughts and impressions.

screen prescription prilosec There’s also another slate of primaries and caucuses tonight, so by the time I go live, we should have more results to report and analyze. And I guess I’ll talk about two of my recent posts at Hot Air:

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http://hollyjohnsphoto.com/2016/11/moments-self-esteem/ And maybe open phones too! Don’t forget to watch for the actual start time on Twitter!