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Sarah ROCKS!

Yes, I’m biased in her favor. Yes, I think she’d make a great Vice President – and for that matter, a great cheap Lyrica canada President. My dream ticket for the future is Palin/Jindal or Jindal/Palin; I really couldn’t care who’s at the top, so long as they’re both on the ticket. I’m happy with McCain/Palin for now…

All that aside, Sarah cleaned the floor with tired, old Joe Biden tonight.

This is conservatism. This is the future. And most importantly:

http://loveamant.com/better-sex-begins-with-you/?share=email This is one of us!

I loved it when Sarah basically said that she didn’t care about the premise of the questions and what was expected as an answer – she was going to talk to the American people.

God Bless you Sarah and your wonderful, beautiful family. Keep being yourself. You’ll never go wrong doing that.

Finally, an apology: I did think Gwen Ifill, Obama-gushing-book-being-authored and all, did a fair, balanced, probing, skillful, and impartial moderation of the debate. Ms. Ifill, should you ever see this, I am sorry that my initial reaction to hearing about the book and its non-disclosure to the parties concerned was one of disrespect for you as a journalist. You did a great job tonight.


The Failure of Liberalism on Display

Watch this, pay attention to how the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac collapse has led to the current economic crisis, and never forget who asked for more oversight and regulation, and who defended the criminals who have trashed our country.

Remember also, it isn’t “Democrats” and “Republicans” – it’s Liberals and Americans.

Remember when you enter that voting booth on November 4th also…


Us vs. Them

A rather infamous former Secretary of the Interior had the following quote attributed to him:

I never use the words Democrats and Republicans. It’s liberals
and Americans.

Remember back during the RNC how some Code Pink Communist America-Haters tried to disrupt John McCain’s address? They were promptly and loudly shouted down by the Republican party with cheers of “USA, USA, USA!”

Well, I just took a look at the video linked by HotAir’s Allahpundit here – it’s of a recent New Soviet Man appearance where he was interrupted by a group of very loud folks calling themselves “Blacks Against Obama”. How did the adoring crowd respond?

By yelling “Yes we can! Yes we can!”

You see, for the Left it’s all about worshiping the New Soviet Man and his Marxism clothed in “change”.

For us, it’s about the country first and foremost.

At least with respect to the above quoted characterization, I do think that James G. Watt was pretty much dead on target.


MSM: Out of Touch

CNN just doesn’t get it. We conservatives may not have always been John McCain’s biggest cheering section, but we do know what our principles are. McCain and Sara Palin are delivering them.

We are not searching for an identity, because we are not ashamed of our identity like the Left is. The Left only succeeds when they hide who they really are. Conservatives only fail when we do not act on our principles.

More than anything, the Left fears conservatives who act on their principles. They know that their own ideology is bankrupt, and anathema to the American Spirit.