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#TFH on #VLR 3/12: @AsheSchow & @MeredithAncret!

TFHRsquareVLR-Saturday buy viagra usa UPDATE: Replay added!! Their Finest Hour will be live tonight (March 12th) on Vigilant Liberty Radio at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific! Please join me for the program in VLR’s chatroom with show player. You can also listen using the other show players on the site, direct on Spreaker, or on a Spreaker mobile app! Besides chat, you can use the #TFH hashtag on Twitter to interact with the show!

Allan Bourdius & Ashe Schow, CPAC 2016 (Personal photo)

In the program’s first hour tonight, I’ll be playing a conversation I recorded on Friday, March 11th with Ashe Schow (@AsheSchow), writer for both the New York Observer and the Washington Examiner. She also hangs out with our friends over on FTR Radio.  We discussed the “kinder, gentler” GOP debate that took place Thursday night and the state of the campaign looking ahead to “Super Tuesday II” (or is it III? Can’t keep track – LOL) on Tuesday, March 15th. It was a great talk, and we spun off into some culture and Ashe’s passion for reporting on due process in college campus disciplinary proceedings.

Meredith Ancret Walker & Allan Bourdius, CPAC 2016 (Personal photo)

Then in hour two, I’ll be talking live with Meredith Ancret Walker (@MeredithAncret). Meredith blogs at Gay, Conservative, and Proud, and just wrote her first book: A New Breed of Elephant: Conservative Outreach, Transcending Identity Politics, and Victory in the 21st Century (Amazon Kindle, $8.99). I think Meredith’s book is a must-read for anyone who takes reaching minorities and millennials with the conservative/libertarian message seriously, and it should find its way onto the reading lists of political activists and campaign staffers too! I reviewed the book for Hot Air, and we’ll deep dive into the points she raises. I expect we’ll also open up the phones during this segment! If so, the number to call is: (412) 206-6050.

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Here’s the replay of the show! Thanks all for your listenership!


#TFH on #VLR 7/13: Can’t miss with @AsheSchow & @Veribatim!

TFHRsquareVLR2It’s Monday, which means Their Finest Hour hits Vigilant Liberty Radio at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific! As always, please come join the program in VLR’s chatroom with embedded show player!

I’m going to be taking a few weeks off from an on-air presence on VLR for things like vacation and taking my son to Scout camp, so I wanted to make sure that this was going to be a great program to wrap up the first “volume” of my 2015 broadcast year.

Ashe Schow

In the first hour, I’ll be welcoming Ashe Schow (@AsheSchow) of the Washington Examiner back to the program! Ashe’s focus is domestic politics, so we’ll get an update from her on the latest developments in college campus sexual assault & due process issues, the ever-growing Republican 2016 presidential candidate roster, and more!

Katrina Jørgensen

Following Ashe in hour two, we’ll give a big TFH “welcome home!” to Katrina Jørgensen (@Veribatim) of IJReview and the Young Republicans International Committee. Katrina is back home in Texas after a frustrating, protracted immigration process for her husband Kai (@TheNorwegianFox). She’s one of my go-tos for foreign news, and we’ll recap the latest on the Greek financial crisis, Syria/Iraq/ISIS, and other world-wide topics.

IMG_6696All in all, it’s going to be a great evening, and I hope everyone tunes in! Thanks all for your continued listenership and support for my own and the other VLR programs! I’ll be off TFH after tonight until August 10th, but I’m lining up some great guest hosts for the intervening three weeks:

can you buy topamax online July 20: Chris T. Rex (@CrankyTRex)
July 27: George Templeton (@rodentpolitics & @temptherat)
August 3: Randy Clemens (@bostonrandy)

And here’s tonight’s replay! Remember, you can click the show title in the player to get the Spreaker page with a download link for offline listening!



TFH Live, Nov. 3: Election Eve with Ashe Schow & Katrina Jørgensen!

UPDATE: REPLAY ADDED!! Their Finest Hour is back live on Vigilant Liberty Radio on Monday, November 3rd at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific! Please come join the program in VLR’s registration-free chat room and interact with us!

Ashe Schow (Washington Examiner)

Off the top, we’ll do a whirl-around of domestic politics and a preview of Election Day with Washington Examiner commentary writer Ashe Schow (@AsheSchow). Ashe is one of my favorite guests, and in addition to pre-election review, we’ll also be sure to cover the latest in her writing on the politicization of sexual assault in America’s college campuses.

Katrina Jørgensen (Twitter)

Then, for the second half of the program, I’m welcoming Katrina Jørgensen (@Veribatim, A Single Voice) of FTR Radio‘s World Class Hour and writer at IJReview back so we can leave the shores of the United States and focus on what’s going on in the rest of the world. Boko Haram has been back in the news, there’s still concern over the potential for runaway Ebola in Africa, the United Kingdom might leave the European Union, and much, much more!

If you’re not going to join in the chat room (remember, refresh the page at showtime to get the live stream in the player), please use the player at right, listen direct on Spreaker, or even use one of Spreaker’s mobile device apps!

Here’s tonight’s replay! If you want a copy for offline listening, click “Spreaker” in the player and you’ll get a web page with an MP3 download link:

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TFH Live, September 8: An American Hero, Ashe Schow, and the Red Pickle!

UPDATE: REPLAY ADDED!!! After my Labor Day night off last week, Their Finest Hour returns live to Vigilant Liberty Radio on Monday, September 8th at 10 pm Eastern / 7 pm Pacific! I’ve got a great show planned for you, so please come join the program in the VLR chatroom!

The program will feature two great ladies and a true American Hero. Be sure to tune in for all two hours! Continue reading TFH Live, September 8: An American Hero, Ashe Schow, and the Red Pickle!


TFH Live, July 7 – Seven Heroes, plus News/Commentary with Ashe Schow!

UPDATE: Replay Added! I’m back live on Vigilant Liberty Radio (@Vigilant Liberty, VLR on Facebook) tonight for another hour-plus of great discussion on the issues of the day! Joining me this evening will be Ashe Schow (@AsheSchow) of the Washington Examiner. Continue reading TFH Live, July 7 – Seven Heroes, plus News/Commentary with Ashe Schow!