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my website Their Finest Hour is indeed a labor of love, but love doesn’t pay the bills for hosting, for software used to get the radio show on the air, or for going to the White House to cover a Medal of Honor presentation, bloggers’ conferences, and CPAC.

buy brand Seroquel You’ll see Amazon ads here at TFH already. Please use them if you can. There will be other ads eventually, so if something catches your eye, you’ll know what to do. We’ll also eventually have a “tip jar” for direct reader and listener support.

The goal here for monetization is cost recovery. We will publish an accounting of every year’s intake and expenses every May 1st. Any profits realized after covering costs will be disbursed as follows:

  • 50% to a Veterans’ Charity or Charities, to be decided upon by the contributors.
  • Up to 25% will be paid out in some form to TFH contributors based upon productivity and success (relative ranking of post views divided by number of posts).
  • The remaining 25% (or more) will be paid to Allan Bourdius as the founder and editor-in-chief.

Their Finest Hour reserves the right to change the disbursement of profits at any time.


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