First Lieutenant Charles L. Thomas, USA (December 14, 1944)

Charles Leroy Thomas was born on April 17, 1920 in Alabama. He was working as an auto assembler for the Ford Motor Company and studying at Wayne State University in Michigan when he was inducted into the United States Army on January 20, 1942. Thomas, an African-American, was put into the segregated 614th Tank Destroyer Battalion, an all-black unit except for the senior officers, who were white.

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Captain Robert B. Nett, USA (December 14, 1944)

Robert Burton Nett was born in New Haven, Connecticut on June 13, 1922. He enlisted in the Connecticut National Guard in 1940 while still 17 years old. He was activated for federal service with the United States Army on February 24, 1941 and attended Officer Candidate School during 1942 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.

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Private Lloyd G. McCarter, USA (February 16-19, 1945)

Lloyd G. McCarter was born in Saint Maries, Idaho on May 11, 1917. Very little is known about his life, and his enlistment record isn’t in those kept by the National Archives. From an article written years later by his commanding officer, Lieutenant William T. Calhoun, we do know that he had worked as a lumberjack in civilian life, had reached the rank of Sergeant in the artillery before volunteering for demotion to Private so he could attend jump school.

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#TFH on #VLR 2/20: #SCPrimary with @Tom1247 & @Veribatim

TFHRsquareVLR-Saturday order clomid online uk UPDATE: REPLAY ADDED!! Their Finest Hour will be covering the South Carolina Republican Primary results LIVE on Vigilant Liberty Radio, starting at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific on Saturday, February 20! The polls close at 7pm Eastern, so by go-live time we should have a good picture of who’s ahead, if not a winner outright.

Tom Dougherty (Twitter)

Joining me for the coverage will be Tom Dougherty (@Tom1247). Tom is a political data expert, and joined us on VLR in our “Michael Barone” Chair for our Election Night 2014 coverage. We’re also expecting to have him as part of our Super Tuesday live coverage on March 1st, and of course for Election Night 2016 in November. Tom also a founded the Practical Politicking blog.

Tom just posted a “viewer’s guide” to the South Carolina Primary; well worth referring to!

I’m sure there will be other news to talk about – not least Bernie vs. Hillary in the Nevada Democratic Caucus – and we may take calls too!

Katrina Jørgensen (Twitter)

REPLAY HERE: Well, that was truly a great program! Katrina Jørgensen (@Veribatim) also joined in live from South Carolina (her husband Kai chimed in a bit too!), and we got a call in from VLR’s own Taylor Millard (@TaylorMVLR)  also. What came out of last night’s discussion? First—or second—look at…John Kasich?! Yeah, I don’t know how we got there either!

Thanks all for your support, please invite friends and family to listen to the program, and keep the likes & follows coming for:

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#TFH on #VLR 2/13 – #GOPDebate, open phones, & more!

TFHRsquareVLR-SaturdayTheir Finest Hour returns to Vigilant Liberty Radio tonight (Saturday, 2/13) at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific! Phones will be open at the outset, plus we’ll be competing slightly with the now-reduced GOP field as they spar from 9-11 in South Carolina for their last debate prior to SC’s first in the South primary on February 20th. Got some other topics on my mind too, so please come join in VLR’s chatroom with embedded show player for the program! You can also listen using one of the other show players you’ll find around or direct over on Spreaker. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the state of the race, and anything else you’d like to bring up!

10E/9C/8M/7P! Talk to you then!


#TFH on #VLR 1/30 – And now for your regularly scheduled program!

TFHRsquareVLR-SaturdayUPDATE: REPLAY ADDED!! Their Finest Hour returns to Vigilant Liberty Radio tonight (January 30th) at its regularly scheduled time of 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific! Please join me for the the program in VLR’s chatroom with embedded show player! If you choose not to chat (and why not?!), you can listen using the other players on the site, direct over on Spreaker, or using a Spreaker mobile app.

We’re almost to Iowa Caucus day (Monday, February 1), so we’ll take a look at the current state of the Republican and Democratic primary races. We’ve also got top secret emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server (shocking, I’m sure the FSB has copies), I (finally) saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens last Saturday night (why there was no show), the NFL D-List…er…Pro Bowl is tomorrow, and we have a pathetic incidence of what I’ll call “roadside memorial mentality”.

IMG_6696Rants may ensue, plus I’m sure I’ll come up with some other topics, and we’ll do open phones as well! Tune in!!

Talk to you at 10E/9C/8M/7P!

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#TFH on #VLR 1/16 – Testing…1…2…3…Testing with @moderncomments

Their Finest Hour will be LIVE tonight on Vigilant Liberty Radio! The program will start 5 to 10 minutes after the end of the Green Bay Packers vs. Arizona Cardinals NFC Divisional Playoff game, so figure about 11:30PM Eastern, 8:30PM Pacific! Please join me for the program in VLR’s chatroom with show player. Alternatively, you can join the program on the other show players you’ll find around, direct on Spreaker, or with a Spreaker mobile app. You can also use the #TFH hashtag on Twitter to interact with the program.

With the late start, only a one hour (or so, may go long) program tonight. I’ll be joined by VLR’s own Amy Curtis (@moderncomments) and she’ll be helping me test out a new broadcast rig I’ve put together that will allow me to produce better content both for Their Finest Hour and my other VLR program, The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty!

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#TFH on #VLR 12/19 – Christmas Year In Review, Open Phones!

TFHRsquareVLR-SaturdayTheir Finest Hour will be LIVE on Vigilant Liberty Radio tonight at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific for a look back at the year that was and some Christmastime thoughts! Please join me in the VLR chatroom for the program, and if you’d like to call into the program, the number is (412) 206-6050!

I’ll probably play a Christmas song or two, talk about the adventure my family will be taking for the holiday, and as I’ve done for the previous Christmas shows on TFH, will close with the broadcast made by Apollo 8 from lunar orbit on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1968.

One hour only tonight! It’s sure to be a great hour to close out the year with! If you’re not going to be in chat, you can also listen using the other players on the site or direct over on Spreaker.

10E/9C/8M/7P! Talk to you then!


#TFH on #VLR 12/12: Looks like an open-mic rant night!

TFHRsquareVLR-SaturdayTheir Finest Hour will hit Vigilant Liberty Radio tonight (Saturday, 12/12) at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific! Phones will be open from the outset, and I’ll want to hear from you! Whatever you want to talk about is fair game! Agree, disagree, whatever – call!

Once on air, the number to call is: (412) 206-6050!

There are a few things on my mind, like idiotic outrage! over Starbucks (yes, there’s more!), our fantastic border controls can’t stop ISIS but they can prevent the South Korean K-Pop act Oh My Girl from getting in, there’s this climate conference in Paris, there’s still no budget, etc., etc., etc.

While you’re waiting for showtime, here’s Oh My Girl and “Closer”:

Come join me in the chatroom for the program! If you don’t want to chat (why not?!), you can also listen using the other players on the site or direct over on Spreaker. They have mobile apps too!

I think I’ll also spin some of the latest trance from our good friends at Armada Music.

10E/9C/8M/7P! Talk to you then!


#TFH on #VLR 12/5: #SanBernardino, #PearlHarbor, @30calgal!

Their Finest Hour will be LIVE on Vigilant Liberty Radio at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific on Saturday, December 5th! Please join the program in VLR’s chatroom, or you can listen using the other available players here on the site. There’s always the direct method over on Spreaker too.

Anette Wachter (Photo: Instagram)

I’ll be discussing the latest on the investigation into what certainly appears to be a terrorist act in San Bernardino, California, along with commentary on what this means for gun control, homeland security, refugees, and the 2016 presidential race.

I’ll also have a recorded conversation with Anette Wachter, the “.30 Cal Gal“! Anette and I discussed her recent competitive shooting events, some upcoming projects she has, and the events from San Bernardino and other gun-related news items. Anette also makes and sells gun-related jewelry, and Christmas is coming! You can find Anette on all major social media platforms as “30calgal”

I may even be joined by a special guest during the show!

Finally, next Monday is the 74th anniversary of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, launching the United States into World War II. I’ll have a tribute/retrospective that I’m sure everyone will enjoy and appreciate.

10E/9C/8M/7P on Saturday night! Talk to you then!

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