Who is the enemy?

http://alvesdd.com/78997-terramycin-ointment-price.html The political cartoon in today’s USA Today by Mike Shelton I think cuts right to the core of the difference between Republicans (that is to say, Americans) and Democrats (that is to say, anti-American Communists). Our President correctly identifies our enemy; Senator Reid & Representative Pelosi see Donald Rumsfeld as the enemy.

http://bestonlinegamesreview.com/tag/mmo/page/45/ God help our Nation if these people get back in power.


ABC’s “The Path to 9/11”

try here Jason over at Texas Rainmaker does a great job of dissecting all of the liberal whacko furor over the upcoming ABC mini-series “The Path to 9/11”.

What’s even more appalling is that this television program is the http://kallmancom.com/70786-hamdard-roghan-badam-shirin-price-in-india.html top issue over at the Democratic National Committee’s website. I missed the Commandment in the Book of Exodus that said “Thou shalt not criticize Clinton”, I guess.

I am sorry more than ever that I voted for that sleazy, lying, megalomaniac, self-centered, add-your-own-insult-here ex-President in 1992. Thank God I had my conservative awakening a few years later!


“Scholars for 9/11 Truth” = “Enemies…Domestic”

Way back when I raised my right hand and said, “I do solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign or provide http://runescapegoldnews.com/85161-rosuvastatin-generic-price.html domestic…”, I should think that the deplorable, no make that treasonous group calling themselves “Scholars for 9/11 Truth” certainly qualifies as the latter.

I’m all for free speech, but free speech doesn’t include sedition.

Thanks to Sister Toldjah for pointing them out.


Travel by Extradition?

Fans of the Dortmunder series by Donald Westlake will be familiar with the “Travel by Extradition” approach used by one of Dortmunder’s associates. One must wonder if that was John Mark Karr’s aim, especially since he was in Thailand wanted on local charges, where the system of justice and punishment is more severe than the normal state here.

By the way, how come he’s known as “John Mark Karr”? I thought only confirmed murderers/assassins/serial killers had three names. 😉


The 2,996 Project

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for turning me onto this. I have registered http://higherlevelrecruiting.com/43651-arcoxia-canada.html Their Finest Hour with The 2,996 Project – a blogosphere effort to provide individual memorials on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 for each and every victim of that day’s Islamofascist barbarism.

My honoree is Gregory M. Stajk, a Firefighter with Ladder Company 13, FDNY. He perished at the World Trade Center.

If you are interested, and there are still slots available, please register for this effort. I was blogger 2,536 to register, so I think it’s safe to say that all 2,996 will be memorialized, with only 460 left…


Glad it isn’t my tax dollars paying for this.

Matt Drudge links to this story from the UK (warning: non-work friendly or kid-safe image on the page) about a woman sitting naked with a dead pig for four hours and calling it “art”, courtesy of the taxpayers. I think I’ll go home tonight, dump all my garbage on the front lawn, sit in the middle of it (sorry, no nudity), call it “performance art” and then see if I can get a grant to fund it.

Way back in the day when I applied to the National Endowment for the Humanities for a grant for my historical research into steel industry technological innovations, I think I got rejected before the ink was dry on my application. Perhaps I’d have had a better chance at approval if my application wanted to research something like “lack of steel industry innovation leading to increased prostitution and adult businesses in steel towns, https://thebluntblonde.com/30214-actonel-price.html including pictures thereof“. Yeah, that would’ve been a shoo-in for a grant.

Call me one of those heartless conservatives if you want, but the whackos who want to view junk like this should pay for it directly instead of relying on the state (whichever or wherever) to sponsor their depravity.


Testing the Soft Underbelly?

This news item from CNN about an airport in West Virginia being closed because two bottles of liquid in a Pakstani woman’s carry on bag tested positive for explosives shouldn’t be a surprise – assuming that the contents are in fact dangerous. Remember, at least some of the 9/11 terrorists started their day of infamy in small regional airports where security screening is assumed to be less strict. Another less-dry run? Perhaps the suspect is a mule, and was given the stuff by someone else with nefarious purposes.

Common sense says that if a terrorist or terrorists are going to try and pull their crap, they’re not going to try to get through security at JFK – they’ll use a smaller airport and connect. Once you’re on a flight and through security, you’re pretty much free and clear.

Frankly, I’m surprised that the TSA found it. In my post-9/11 air travels, I’ve found the TSA screeners less than a confidence-building presence.


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