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Al-Qaeda in Iraq: we’re “doomed”

Supposedly a spokesman for al-Qaeda in Iraq has said that the West is “doomed” and that they will “destroy the cross” and convert all to Islam.

In the words of our President: “Bring it on!” and “We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.”

In the words of Churchill: “You may ask, ‘What is our aim?’ Victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terror. Victory no matter how long and hard the road may be. For without victory, there is no survival.”

Make no mistake – the mainstream, worldwide Islamist view is conversion by the sword.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of our enemies and bring them to Freedom in Christ.

In the meantime, “We shall fight them in the streets and in the fields – we shall never surrender.” (also WSC)

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TMQ, NFL Week 1

Gregg Easterbrook, as always, hits several nails on the head in this week’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback. Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

In other football news, before Sunday’s Arizona-San Francisco contest, many Cardinals players experienced anxiety attacks…It seems Cardinals players were disoriented and frightened to look up and see the home stands full of people.

One of the questions on the Eagles cheerleaders bio pages is, “What can you never say no to?” The most common answer is “Chocolate.” Strangely, not a one of the cheerleaders responds, “Football columnists.”

buy propecia online safe Sweet Play of the Week No.3: Game scoreless, Pittsburgh goes for it on fourth-and-1 on the Miami 39…4 yards and the first down, and the Steelers record the game’s first touchdown on the possession.
[I predicted TMQ’s reaction to that play as it happened]

TMQ also agrees that Note Dame’s fake punt called when they were already hammering Penn State 27-3 late in the 3rd quarter was bad football karma. Beware ye who will offend the football gods by running up the score! Notre Dame will get theirs, just wait…

Read the whole of TMQ here.


Radio isn’t about content…

…it’s about content that folks want to listen to, and therefore other folks (those with money, and other products) will want to buy advertising slots on. Air America is rumored to be declaring bankruptcy (thanks again to Drudge). What’s laughable about the article is the quote, “The right wing is sure to seize on Air America’s financial woes as a sign that progressive talk radio is unpopular.”

If it was popular, there would be listeners. If there were listeners, there would be advertisers. If there were advertisers, there would be revenue. If there were more listeners, and then more advertisers, then the network could charge more for advertising, hence more revenue. Revenue = no bankruptcy. Duh.

I know economics is tough for liberals, particularly since they hate the free market, but if you’re hocking a product that nobody wants to buy and/or sponsor – IT’S A BAD PRODUCT. Again, Duh.


Who is the enemy?

The political cartoon in today’s USA Today by Mike Shelton I think cuts right to the core of the difference between Republicans (that is to say, Americans) and Democrats (that is to say, anti-American Communists). Our President correctly identifies our enemy; Senator Reid & Representative Pelosi see Donald Rumsfeld as the enemy.

God help our Nation if these people get back in power.


ABC’s “The Path to 9/11”

Jason over at Texas Rainmaker does a great job of dissecting all of the liberal whacko furor over the upcoming ABC mini-series “The Path to 9/11”.

What’s even more appalling is that this television program is the he has a good point top issue over at the Democratic National Committee’s website. I missed the Commandment in the Book of Exodus that said “Thou shalt not criticize Clinton”, I guess.

I am sorry more than ever that I voted for that sleazy, lying, megalomaniac, self-centered, add-your-own-insult-here ex-President in 1992. Thank God I had my conservative awakening a few years later!


“Scholars for 9/11 Truth” = “Enemies…Domestic”

Way back when I raised my right hand and said, “I do solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign or domestic…”, I should think that the deplorable, no make that treasonous group calling themselves “Scholars for 9/11 Truth” certainly qualifies as the latter.

I’m all for free speech, but free speech doesn’t include sedition.

Thanks to Sister Toldjah for pointing them out.


Travel by Extradition?

Fans of the Dortmunder series by Donald Westlake will be familiar with the “Travel by Extradition” approach used by one of Dortmunder’s associates. One must wonder if that was John Mark Karr’s aim, especially since he was in Thailand wanted on local charges, where the system of justice and punishment is more severe than the normal state here.

By the way, how come he’s known as “John Mark Karr”? I thought only confirmed murderers/assassins/serial killers had three names. 😉