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TFH Live, April 7 – Basketball-free zone!

Apparently when show time for Their Finest Hour rolls around at 10pm Eastern time, Monday, April 7, there’s going to be some big basketball game going on somewhere. If you’ve got as much interest in that as I have, which is to say “none”, come join me on Vigilant Liberty Radio for another great hour-plus of talk on societal, political, and cultural issues! broaden cabergoline uk UPDATE: Show replay added below!!!

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TFH on VLR, March 31!

The first full day of the Major League Baseball season will be winding down at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific, so take a break from a great day of America’s Pastime and tune in to Vigilant Liberty Radio for another live edition of Their Finest Hour!

yaz uk UPDATE! Show replay added!!

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TFH on VLR, March 24!

Their Finest Hour returns to Vigilant Liberty Radio at 10:00 pm Eastern on Monday, March 24th! There’s a great show planned for you, so please tune in!

аctivate UPDATE: Show replay added!!!

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Their Finest Hour on VLR, March 17!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so grab a Guinness, Harp, a “Half & Half”, some Bushmill’s or Jameson’s, or fix yourself an Irish Coffee and join in with Their Finest Hour at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific for another great hour-plus of talk on Vigilant Liberty Radio!

arcoxia costo UPDATE: Show replay added!

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VLR’s “Their Finest Hour” from February 10!

Had another great program on Vigilant Liberty Radio last night! We started the program with filmmaker Ben Howe (@BenHowe), founder of Mister Smith Media, who directed the brand-new documentary Bankrupt: How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit. Continue reading VLR’s “Their Finest Hour” from February 10!


TFH live on VLR from 2/3 – America Is Beautiful

Had a great program on Vigilant Liberty Radio last night with my guest Doug Mataconis (@dmataconis), an attorney in private practice and prolific blogger at Outside the Beltway. We had a discussion across a wide range of issues, touching often on Doug’s expertise – and my layman’s interest – in the intersection of politics, law, and the Constitution. Continue reading TFH live on VLR from 2/3 – America Is Beautiful


Their Finest Hour on VLR, January 27!

I’m back from last week’s business trip and once again behind the Vigilant Liberty Radio microphone for Their Finest Hour tonight, January 27, 2014, at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific! Thanks to Alex Kauffman (@alexkauff) for sitting in last week! code UPDATE 1/28: SHOW REPLAY EMBEDDED!

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Their Finest Hour LIVE, January 13: Ed Morrissey Returns! (UPDATE: Show Replay!)

I’m back with a new, live Their Finest Hour broadcast on Vigilant Liberty Radio Monday, January 13, 2014 at 10pm Eastern (9C/8M/7P) for a spin around the issues of the day with Ed Morrissey (@EdMorrissey) of!

Ed returns to TFH for his second appearance, and it’s been far too long since we’ve welcomed him to the program. Ed’s first appearance was the week before I made my incredible visit to the White House, so yes, it’s been quite a while!

We’ll be talking about the Chris Christie “Bridgegate”/”Bridgeghazi” scandal and what effect it might have on the 2016 picture, once again getting another disappointing jobs report out of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and probably whatever else Ed has going on Monday at HotAir.
You can catch the show via Vigilant Liberty Radio’s page on Spreaker, as well as download or stream all the great past VLR programs! You can also listen live or to past shows via Spreaker’s iOS or Android mobile device apps!

can you buy Lyrica in canada UPDATE, 1/14: Well, it indeed was a great hour-long conversation with Ed Morrissey! At the half-way break, I played the trailer for Bankrupt, an upcoming documentary by Ben Howe (@BenHowe) of Mister Smith Media about the collapse of Detroit, Michigan. There will be a live broadcast of Their Finest Hour next week, Monday 1/20, and we’ll be welcoming the first guest host to the TFH microphone! Alex Kauffman (@alexkauff) of For the Republic! will have the first chair next week as I’ll be away on business. Please lend Alex your ears! Stream below, and of course you can click “Spreaker” in the player to be taken to the site for MP3 download for offline listening!

But, why just listen when you can interact? There’s always the #TFH hashtag to use on Twitter, but much better to join the program in VLR’s registration-free chatroom with embedded show player!
Talk to you all Monday night, don’t forget to follow me (@allanbourdius), the blog & show feed (@TFHBlogAndShow) and keep those VLR follows (@VigilantLiberty) and likes (VLR on Facebook) coming!
And while you’re waiting for show time, how about checking out some of my posts here if you haven’t been keeping up? Thanks to all my readers & listeners; you all make this so much fun!

take a look at the site here Everybody at Goldwater Gal Media, VLR, and TFH extends their sincere condolences to Doug Mataconis ( @dmataconis) of Outside the Beltway. Doug was the originally scheduled guest for the January 13, 2014 show, but his father passed away during the night of January 10-11. Our thoughts and prayers are with Doug and his family, and we’ll be sure to get him rescheduled as soon as he’s again available!

Their Finest Hour LIVE from January 6, 2014!

Last night, I got my Internet broadcasting year on Vigilant Liberty Radio off to a great start by welcoming my good friend, blogger with United Liberty and FreedomWorks, and indomitable libertarian Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) back to the program!

We had a fantastic hour-plus discussion that touched on everything from federal regulations, to the new Federal Reserve chair woman, to “millennial Marxists”, to two eerily prescient works of fiction by Daniel Suarez – Daemon and Freedom™- that seem to be coming to pass more and more with each day.

It was only right that I had Michelle on as my first guest of the new year as she’s to be largely credited (blamed? LOL) for setting me on this path from the day she had me as a guest on the old “Mitchell & Ray” CDN program nearly two years ago.

Finally, at the program’s close, I made an announcement about a commemorative project I’m leading for the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of France by the Americans, British, and Canadians that is upcoming this June 6, 2014. I’ve already assembled a great crew of bloggers and broadcasters from across the Internet to assist in this project and if we pull it off, it will be a lasting tribute that will hopefully outlive us all.

We’re going to try and retell the events of June 6, 1944 in the style of a 1940s radio show that will be broadcast on VLR for the 70th anniversary in honor of all the brave men who fought that day and those after in the liberation of Europe. The program will have a modern twist though as we’ll tell the events from the perspective of “embedded reporters” with the Allied armies as they went ashore. Stay tuned for periodic updates on the project, and if you’re interested in volunteering your talents to it – we have need for writers, editors, voices, post-production, etc. – please let me know via a comment below, a tweet, or an email!

Give the program a listen, or click the “Spreaker” link in the player to be taken to the location for offline file download! Oh, and don’t forget to tune back into VLR tonight (1/7) at 10E/9C/8M/7P for the second edition of the LIVE Roundtable of Extreme Liberty! Taylor Millard (@EyeDesertBlog) and I will have a panel of three incredible women – Becca Lower (@BeccaJLower) of Own The Narrative, Christine Rousselle (@crousselle) of, and “Miss” Ruth Vine (@MissRuth1021) of Misfit Politics – for more talk on “millennial Marxism”, Senator Rand Paul vs. the NSA, and the whole idiocy of “PIV=rape”.


TFH Show 12/16: All About Immigration

My “Their Finest Hour” program on Monday, December 16th was a great discussion of immigration and border security issues! We proved that we could actually have a civil, engaging discussion with differing opinions on problems and solutions without resorting to name calling or anger.

My guests for the show were attorney Sam Rosado, who has written extensively on immigration and the issue of outreach by conservatives and libertarians to the Latino/Hispanic community, blogger Paul-Gregory Matuszak of Mental Akido (his post on the show topic), who was once a border resident in Arizona, and Katrina Jørgensen, whose story of being stuck in the bureaucratic nightmare of the legal immigration process to the United States trapped her husband Kai overseas when she was hospitalized and needed him the most.

Thanks to all of them for a great show, and this was a milestone for me too as it was the first webcast I did where I was entirely self-produced and didn’t really have a hitch!