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So, if you didn't already know I'm a full blooded red haired female. Go ahead say what u must about gingers, I can take it. I'm a SAHM to three girls, gen xer, formerly worked in radio/TV. My great great great..oh there's a few more in there but u get the idea..grandfather was there to sign the Declaration of Independence. Is that a big deal, maybe not, but I do think it runs in my genes to go against the grain and stir stuff up. :) You can follow me on Twitter too: @redsoutrage

Raisin A Whole Lotta Trouble “Being the little guy against the government can feel like a David and Goliath thing and the idea we could win is tremendous.”😰/amp/ These are the words of a small raisin grower in the Central Valley of California whose livelihood now rests in the hands of the United States Supreme Court.

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Women, Stop Complaining!

Ladies…fellow females, can I be frank with you? The days of us complaining and whining because things are not going our way needs to end and it needs to end now. The current Feminist movement seems more interested in feeding the industry it has created rather than helping women. Feminists of today like to create hashtags and complain and moan about being a victim, being helpless, not equal to a man. You name it and they are complaining about it. Ugh, it’s exhausting. And from a group that wants to be seen as strong and empowered, how exactly are we accomplishing this by complaining?

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