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Laura Fillault (fee-yoh, it’s French) [Twitter: @laurakfillault] is a native Texan married to a Frenchman with two amazing children. Laura received her BS in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M and worked as a consultant for major corporations for six years. Laura lived in France, speaks French and believes socialism sucks. Laura has her Texas CHL, so don’t mess with her. She is currently working to take back her country from leftists and the path to communism that they are taking American down.

Second Lieutenant Thomas W. Fowler, USA (May 23, 1944)

buy Keppra in bulk Second Lieutenant Thomas Weldon Fowler was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on October 31, 1921. After graduating from Wichita Falls High School, he entered Texas A&M in September 1939. Fowler majored in animal husbandry. As a senior, he served as a cadet captain and executive officer of the cavalry squadron. Fowler graduated in February, 1943

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