#TFH on #VLR 8/10: Back And Better Than Ever – And “Real”.

TFHRsquareVLR2Wow! It seems like it’s been a lot longer than three weeks since I was LIVE with Their Finest Hour on Vigilant Liberty Radio! After three weeks of stepping away, I’m ready to get back at it, and this for all intents and purposes is the beginning of year three of the program!

Thanks to Chris T. Rex (@CrankyTRex), George Templeton (@rodentpolitics), Randy Clemens (@bostonrandy), and Amy Curtis (@moderncomments) who all filled in for me during my time off. When I have the chance, I’ll get a post up linking to all of their guest host appearances!

IMG_6696Chris will join me live tonight, I may have another guest or two, and the phones will be open! We’ll be talking about the latest craziness over Donald Trump, the aftermath of the first GOP presidential debate, fun stuff like movies and roller coasters, the disgusting and deplorable Planned Parenthood baby parts market, and gosh! All kinds of other stuff that happened while I was off!

There’s also been some social media dust-up over who’s “real” and who isn’t, so I’ll comment very briefly on that topic as well.

Come join us in the VLR chatroom with embedded show player! Or you can just listen using the other players you’ll find on the site, direct on Spreaker, or using a Spreaker mobile device app!

10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific – talk to you then!!

And here’s tonight’s replay! So good to be back – enjoy!!


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