#GGinDC: the Soft-SWATting of #GamerGate

buy lumigan uk probe If you’re not familiar with what “GamerGate” entails, check out Chris T. Rex’s (@CrankyTRex) great post “Here’s #GamerGate in 5 Easy Bites“. Last night in Washington, DC, about three hundred (my estimate) #GamerGate supporters got together for camraderie and adult beverages at a great establishment called Local 16. The event, or its location, was hardly a secret, as it was well publicized by one of the foremost journalistic voices on the topic, Milo Yiannopoulos (@Nero) of Breitbart. It even had its own hashtag: #GGinDC.

Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) and Milo Yiannopoulos at #GGinDC (own work)

witness http://propertiesmaintained.com.au/92522-rhinocort-nasal-spray-price.html As I happened to be in town for Americans for Prosperity‘s RightOnline 2015, I was there to meet and interact with others in the community. It was a great event, and I was impressed by the number of people who came great distances for just the GamerGate meetup (RightOnline attendees certainly seemed to be the minority – pay attention, culture-rejecting conservatives). It also was civil, respectful, fun-filled, multi-racial, multi-gender – everything the anti-GamerGate crowd assumes we’re not, but that’s par for the course.

buy Keppra online If you haven’t heard of the term “SWATting”, you need to educate yourself. Many people who have the courage to write, speak, and report against what I like to call “TheNarrative™” have had fallacious police calls placed against them by their enemies, many of which have resulted in law enforcement showing up at people’s residences with guns drawn.

http://stansstairways.com/?p=5 Well, at about 12:15am on Saturday, May 2, the GamerGate gathering was disrupted when Local 16 staff started clearing the venue because of a “fire drill”. I’m using my “radio quotes” on “fire drill” as there were no alarms, klaxons, strobe lights, etc.

Interestingly enough, even though there is a DC Fire Department station literally right across the street, the Fire Department never responded to the call. The police who did respond weren’t confrontational or antagonistic; they were just doing their job. They herded everyone down the street for “safety” reasons.

 Many of the GGinDC crowd migrated down the street to another bar. As my iPhone was just about dead, I opted to call it a night. Based on tweets, apparently there were some loose threats made against the gathering, so I think it’s probably likely an anti-GamerGater pulled a prank. Plenty of GGers were inconvenienced because they weren’t allowed to get back in to close their tabs and get their credit cards back. The likely resolution? Return at 10:30am this morning when Local 16 was scheduled to reopen.

Yes, this was likely an attempt to inconvenience, silence, or otherwise retaliate against GamerGaters. There were loose threats against the event levelled on social media, and I’m not going to give them play here. It failed. We got kicked out of a bar – big whoopee. Nobody was arrested. Nobody was intimidated. I’m sure Local 16 didn’t appreciate the loss of revenue, and the employees the loss of tips (I tip good, prompt bartenders lamisil price rectify very well).

I’m all in favor of engaging people who will stand up for their beliefs, even when they’re wrong in my opinion. I have no time for cowards. However, that’s not how our cowardly opposition engages.

To the cowards, I will just say this, and it applies to every issue and not just GamerGate: none of us will be silenced – xerox http://hatchedtv.com/99400-viagra-price.html we don’t play the opposition’s game, by the opposition’s rules. We do not fear you.

inspire http://yellowbasket.io/97129-rocephin-cost.html And we never will.

For more on GamerGate, don’t miss Chris’ other GamerGate writings here at TFH:


7 thoughts on “#GGinDC: the Soft-SWATting of #GamerGate”

  1. You don’t fear them. Local 16 might, though. Certainly other establishments are watching, and making calculations.

    That’s what you’re up against: you’ll be free to speak, and others will be “free” not to give you a venue. And Randall “xkcd” Munro will be on the sideline to sneer how you’re an “-hole” and how you’ve been “shown the door”.

    [Standard disclaimer: I’m more rabid-puppy than sad. So I’m here NOT taking the side of Munro et al.]

  2. I didn’t go because I don’t have the right clothes right now (fatty too fat right now 🙁 ), I’m a sports gamer at best, and other excuses (taking to my car to U Street would involve teeth pulling, cab expensive, metro is a deathtrap, hipsters and urbanists crowd U Street)… but I would have love to have gone.

    In a lot of ways this has been “fuck you, let me live my life and enjoy my enjoyment” type of movement. People will move when they see stuff that affects them when honestly they don’t believe its a big deal. The -ists believe they have to make it impact your life to achieve things. They’re sorta right but they do it all wrong… assuming their thoughts are correct in the first place.

    Beatles Revolution… basically “yeah, I get what you’re saying and its kind of an issue… but surely we can handle this without acetylene and an AK47?” Its not that we don’t understand the point and some of the nuance… its just not as dramatic as you think.

    They push too hard it makes people re-think why they believe the things they do because surely they believe “well, it can’t really lead to this nonsense”.

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