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3 thoughts on “Sergeant Day G. Turner, USA (January 8, 1945)”

  1. Day G Turner was my Great-Uncle. I am so proud of him, but alas we’d never meet. One of his sisters, unfortunately’ and unknown to any other family members,sold his medals and other memorabilia! To this day, we are deeply saddened by this.We will never be able to display his “Medal of Honor”, which was so deserving. RIP Uncle Day!

    1. I just saw your uncle’s grave in Luxembourg American Cemetery earlier this month. Very touching. My father served in the 94th Infantry Division. My sister and I with our husbands were on a Battlefield Tour of the 94th Infantry Division and Luxembourg American Cemetery was on our tour. The trip was amazing and we were just blown away with the courage and patriotism these fine men had. Your uncle’s story is amazing.

  2. i am the nephew of day turner , my mother was lois marie turner, my name is edwin ellsworth hutton, i live in antioch ca.
    94509 .

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