Vote With Your Middle Finger

I know my libertarian card may be downgraded; but this deserves to be said.

Democrats don’t want us to vote and Republicans want us to vote for them. We just don’t feel like voting at all sometimes; and, by we, I mean all of us libertarians.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where all of us who have an opinion and choose to express it loudly get so excited that people think we should be heavily medicated. However, my libertarian brothers and sisters are more likely locking their doors, pulling the shades, and crying because Netflix pulled the first Atlas Shrugged movie off of their streaming service…. oh and also because it’s election season.

I must say that I share their attitude at times. We think that it would be far easier to be an anarchist; but we all realize that Democrats would turn the world into a hippie commune that smoked up all of their drugs and decided to raid their neighbors in order to get high again. Of course, the conquered will be promised their ‘fair share’ of the drugs and the hippie warlords would invade another commune should we all ever run out of drugs. I’m digressing; but, seriously, that is my vision of drug abuse. Getting back on track- I don’t want roving bands of hippie warlords so I am choosing to vote.

Now, I am not saying that I will cast my vote for a Republican just because I am told that I will be throwing away my vote; I am simply saying that I will vote and you should also engage in the practice. Of course, we could argue that not voting is a middle finger to the establishment but wouldn’t it be easier to make them mad by voting and yet not voting for either one of them? Think about it: if you stay home, the candidates don’t know you’re rejecting them out of anger and, even if they did, they wouldn’t care. A message wasn’t sent in this action and the candidates rationalize it something like this: “Well, at least they didn’t show up and vote for my opponent.” Instead of staying home to watch re-runs of South Park, we should show up and cast a ballot even if we don’t vote for anyone on that ballot. It’s not enough to play the role of Lady Liberty McStompy-Foot anymore. We need to drive to the local precinct and tell those politicians, “Listen, I am here to exercise my right to vote. However, neither of you idiots are worth my vote, so I am going to leave this blank.” You used your right and used that right to tell both parties, “oh, hell no!”

Leaving a ballot blank is capitalism at the voting booth. If I go into a gun store and don’t see the AR-15 I want then I’m just going to walk out and go to a different gun store. The gun store without my AR-15 knows I visited, wanted an AR-15, and went elsewhere to get my shiny new weapon. If I hadn’t gone into that gun store in the first place the owner wouldn’t have any way of knowing that there was a demand for AR-15s. If the gun store owner is a smart business owner then that owner would do some research to find out where I might have gone to buy my AR-15.  At the very least, they would probably start to get comments such as, “Well, I am looking around for an AR-15 so I went to Vern’s Gun Store and he has them. I guess you don’t so I’ll buy from him.”

Think of this on a larger scale: if we all go into the voting booths and leave our ballots blank then the politicians know that we are going elsewhere for our political philosophies and they had better figure out what we are learning so they can re-stock their rhetoric accordingly. Polls only show a skewed picture but empty ballots can be quantified and bring some much needed clarity to the political process.

Let me be blunt. People of a certain political persuasion want us to line up around the block in a modern day soup line. This way, the rich are brought to street level and the poor have something to eat. People of another political persuasion try to capture those of us who think they should be able to keep all of the food that they earn while, in the meantime, still taking our food to redistribute. Let’s form a line of our own at our local polling precinct and may our lines span the entire length of this nation. We may vote for one race or another; but leaving the ballot blank in some or all races will have to be noticed. At the very least, it may get people thinking about why someone would show up but refuse to pick what we lovingly call “the lesser of the two evils.” Christians call this planting seeds. I am going to finish their (our) thought and end with planting seeds of practical public participation. It’s honest, fair, and rebellious enough to make a statement yet keep ourselves from the throws of anarchy and roving bands of hippy warlords trying to invade Colorado.

Therefore, my fellow libertarians, I call on you to cast your vote today even if you leave that shining paper coming out of that voting machine empty… unless you’re going to vote Democrat… if that’s the case then stay home.

Just kidding….

Peace, love, and liberty.



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