TFH Live, September 8: An American Hero, Ashe Schow, and the Red Pickle!

UPDATE: REPLAY ADDED!!! After my Labor Day night off last week, Their Finest Hour returns live to Vigilant Liberty Radio on Monday, September 8th at 10 pm Eastern / 7 pm Pacific! I’ve got a great show planned for you, so please come join the program in the VLR chatroom!

The program will feature two great ladies and a true American Hero. Be sure to tune in for all two hours!

Ashe Schow (Photo: Facebook)

First up I’ll be welcoming the great Ashe Schow (@AsheSchow) of the Washington Examiner back to VLR and TFH! We’ll have a spin around current events and Washington politics as Congress shows up back to work for a little while. Ashe has been writing a lot about the lack of due process in college campus sexual assault investigations, so we’re sure to cover that as well. You won’t want to miss the first hour of the program for what is sure to be a great conversation!

Hour two of the program will begin with a tribute to two Medal of Honor recipients. First, we’ll talk about Private First Class Ernest W. Prussman, whose date of action for the Medal was 70 years ago on broadcast day: September 8, 1944.

Robert Maxwell (Wikimedia Commons)

Then, we’ll review the performance “above and beyond the normal call of duty” of Technician Fifth Grade Robert D. Maxwell, whose 70th anniversary was Sunday, September 7. Mr. Maxwell also received a Silver Star for a separate act of gallantry on September 7, 1944 and at 93 years old, is the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient. He was gracious enough to speak with me for about 10 minutes on Saturday, September 6 and I will play my conversation with him.

Katie “Red Pickle” (Photo: Twitter)

Finally, starting at about 11:30 Eastern / 8:30 Pacific (or there abouts) we’ll have Katie “Red Pickle” (@redsoutrage) return to the program! Katie has started writing for the Goldwater Gal Media affiliate site Real. Raw. Right., with a great first post called “No One Wants To Be Poor”. And now she’s written her first for Their Finest Hour, “Women, Stop Complaining!” As a TFH contributor – and as a West Coast resident – I’m hoping to have Katie as a regular second-half program guest to discuss current events and politics with an eye that she and I both share: no one is a lost cause, and by getting out of our traditional “echo chambers”, we’ll win new folks over.

Here’s the show replay! If you’d like to add your well wishes and thank yous for Robert Maxwell’s 94th birthday coming up in October, please use the contact form! (Click “Spreaker” in the player if you want to download an MP3)

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