TFH Live, April 7 – Basketball-free zone!

can you buy propecia in the uk Apparently when show time for Their Finest Hour rolls around at 10pm Eastern time, Monday, April 7, there’s going to be some big basketball game going on somewhere. If you’ve got as much interest in that as I have, which is to say “none”, come join me on Vigilant Liberty Radio for another great hour-plus of talk on societal, political, and cultural issues! where can i purchase Premarin UPDATE: Show replay added below!!!

I’ll probably start the program with a fresh round of “Sunday paper irritation” before welcoming Amanda – who most from social media will know best as Twitter’s @RightInPlanning – to the program! We’ve got a full agenda to discuss, which will include updates on Obamacare, the latest Fort Hood shooting, liberal thought police, and some takes on Environmentalism, both pro (gasp!) and con.

On the entertainment side, both Amanda and I have been watching the reimagining of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, starring astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, so we’ll be talking about the melding of science, faith, and culture.

At about the halfway point, I’ll also have a promotional clip for the crowd funding effort behind America’s Biggest Serial Killer: Gosnell – the Doctor is Sin. Please consider donating to this project if you’re able!

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Please keep the “likes” coming for Vigilant Liberty Radio on Facebook, and the follows coming for both VLR on Twitter and Their Finest Hour‘s feed. Stay tuned for some  announcements as May 1st approaches on where TFH and this site is going!

Don’t forget that all archived VLR programs can be accessed through our page on Spreaker!


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