Their Finest Hour on VLR, March 17!

that site It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so grab a Guinness, Harp, a “Half & Half”, some Bushmill’s or Jameson’s, or fix yourself an Irish Coffee and join in with Their Finest Hour at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific for another great hour-plus of talk on Vigilant Liberty Radio!

buy priligy ireland UPDATE: Show replay added!

Tonight’s show will be broad spectrum. During the first half-hour, host Allan Bourdius (@allanbourdius) will be talking with conservative singer/songwriter Mark Scudder (@mark_scudder) about life in the arts world as a conservative and the creative process behind his first album, The Solution is the Problem, and his upcoming new release The Antisocial Network. Mark has also been very gracious to VLR in granting his permission for use of his music!

The second half-plus of the show will probably have Allan ranting a bit about how he hates basketball, which means that this part of March is one of the worst times of the year, plus some updates & opinions on both the deteriorating situation with Ukraine, Russia, and Crimea and the continuing mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370’s disappearance.

However, the real star of the latter part of TFH tonight is Amy, better known on Twitter as @moderncomments, who we’ll be welcoming to the VLR family on Wednesday, March 19th, when she kicks off her own show at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific! She’s going to be a fantastic addition to our line-up, and everyone at VLR is excited about our growing team!

UPDATE: It was a great show indeed! Listen to the replay below, or click the “Spreaker” link to be taken to the page where you can download the show for offline listening! Two of Mark Scudder’s songs were featured, “I Will Love You If You Let Me” and “Moving to Silence”, plus the show closed with a featured song by a great young singer, Truly Ford’s “Black Dog”. You can find Truly on Twitter as @TrulyFordMusic!

Best way to join the show is to join in using the listen and chat page at VLR’s own website! You can also interact with the program using the Twitter hashtag #TFH, and catch the program or any of the archived VLR content for replay via the VLR page on Spreaker or through their mobile device apps for iOS or Android!

Don’t forget to keep those “likes” coming for Vigilant Liberty Radio on Facebook, and follows coming for both @VigilantLiberty and the TFH feed, @TFHBlogAndShow, on Twitter!


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