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take a look at the site here The first full day of the Major League Baseball season will be winding down at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific, so take a break from a great day of America’s Pastime and tune in to Vigilant Liberty Radio for another live edition of Their Finest Hour!

Homepage UPDATE! Show replay added!!

I’ll be starting the show with a brief baseball report, recapping my two favorite teams’ first games (one will still be in progress at show time) and then it’s off to the rest of the show.

I enjoy torturing myself every Sunday morning with his once-per-week subscription to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and yesterday’s (March 30th) edition has got me ready for a bit of a rant. Two things in particular set me off.

First, there was a front page article (co-published from the very “helpfully” named Public Source about the dangers of shipping crude oil via rail in 50-year old technology tank cars. Gosh, you know, maybe we should build pipelines, but as it turns out, that’s off that reporter’s nice list too, even though she ostensibly works for a “newsroom free from partisan political influences.” (Note: the authoring reporter was invited to be on the program, and refused)

Then, another op-ed column claims per the headline, “Obamacare’s OK for Conservatives.” That’s not a headline, but headdesk – especially after you peel away what sounds nice and realize that it simply reinforces a view that most “Republicans” and “conservatives” in government are A-OK with Obamacare…so long as it survives for them to “fix” and run.

Helping me sort through (and maybe talk me down) these and other cultural and political issues of the day is Becca Lower (@BeccaJLower) of Own The Narrative.

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