The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty from December 17!

Tuesday, December 17th was a big night on Vigilant Liberty Radio! Between myself and my VLR colleague Taylor Millard, we’ve resurrected Taylor’s old periodic podcast, Seroquel capsule The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty, as a live panel show!

Our first show was a real blast. We discussed the recent federal court decision on Utah’s bigamy law, and whether or not this was common sense, the end of civilization as we know it, or…what?

Joining Taylor and myself were Neal Dewing of purchase gabapentin online Pocket Full of Liberty, whose post on the topic spurred the discussion, and Felicia “Fishie” Cravens of Free Radical Network. I think I had a pretty epic rant, which begins at about the 15-minute point.

In any case, The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty will be holding the Tuesday 10pm slot on VLR for the foreseeable future. Taylor and I will be splitting host and producer duties, and we’ll be bringing in a lot of great guests to let it fly on whatever topic we choose for the week.

Listen below, and you can click “Spreaker” in the player to be taken to the page where you can download the show to listen off-line.

Please check us out, and keep listening!


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