TFH Show 12/16: All About Immigration

buy Maxalt with american express My “Their Finest Hour” program on Monday, December 16th was a great discussion of immigration and border security issues! We proved that we could actually have a civil, engaging discussion with differing opinions on problems and solutions without resorting to name calling or anger.

buy robaxin from india My guests for the show were attorney Sam Rosado, who has written extensively on immigration and the issue of outreach by conservatives and libertarians to the Latino/Hispanic community, blogger Paul-Gregory Matuszak of Mental Akido (his post on the show topic), who was once a border resident in Arizona, and Katrina Jørgensen, whose story of being stuck in the bureaucratic nightmare of the legal immigration process to the United States trapped her husband Kai overseas when she was hospitalized and needed him the most.

Thanks to all of them for a great show, and this was a milestone for me too as it was the first webcast I did where I was entirely self-produced and didn’t really have a hitch!


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