Blogger’s Note – 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea

can i buy amoxicillin over the counter at walgreens Following my 70th Anniversary posts recounting the attack on Pearl Harbor and the aftermath, and the triumphant Doolittle Raid, I had planned to write posts recounting the prelude and each day’s events of the Battle of the Coral Sea on May 3-8, 1942 on May 3-8, 2012.

Our site Sadly, a family situation has precluded me from posting as I originally intended. My wife’s mother, Karen, was originally diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia about a year ago during Memorial Day weekend, 2011. She fought her disease bravely, and by late summer 2011 was in remission. Karen’s immune system never recovered, and about two months ago she was again hospitalized with an agressive infection.

The infection responded to antibiotic treatments but weakened her even further. On Tuesday, May 1, we were heartbroken to learn that the leukemia has returned and, save for a miracle, there is nothing more that medicine can do to save her. Karen entered hospice care on Friday and we are cherishing each and every moment we have left with her as the end approaches. Needless to say, this is an incredible sorrow upon our family and my responsibilities there necessarily took precedence over blogging.

I can’t say thanks enough to all our friends and acquaintances who have reached out to us with support and prayers via phone, Twitter, and Facebook since the sad news of this week became known. You’ve all made dealing with this so much the easier. I ask your continued prayers for Karen and:

  • Missy, my wife and Karen’s daughter
  • Kelli and Scott, Missy’s siblings
  • Ron, Missy’s father and Karen’s husband
  • Penny and Neil, our children and Karen’s grandchildren
  • The wonderful physicians, nurses, and other caregivers who have seen Karen through to this point and who continue to look after her.

My 70th anniversary post for the Battle of the Coral Sea will appear as one large article on Tuesday, May 8.


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