In defense of Keith Olbermann

buy accutane eu Yes, you read the title right.‎ It’s as ludicrous as NPR firing Juan Williams that MSNBC has suspended – which some accounts are characterizing as permanently – Keith Olbermann.

The myth that MSNBC would like to perpetuate is that they are an impartial news organization, when the truth is there is opinion interlaced with their entire lineup. They’re the de facto standard bearer for the liberal Statist in the media, why not embrace it?

They can’t, because (a) they have no audience and (b) with no audience, they can’t sell advertising.

Fox News, at least, does not try to hide the fact that Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity are on the network to put forward their opinions, which is why they hired Juan Williams for an expanded three-year role for a reported $2 million, surely a significant raise from his NPR gig.

Something tells me though that Mr. Olbermann won’t be getting a phone call from Roger Ailes anytime soon…


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