Punish the largesse of executives!

purchase clomid australia Everybody knows that the economy is in trouble. Corporate executives left and right are being called on the carpet for their lavish lifestyles, private jets, and events held at destinations such as Las Vegas, Malibu, and elsewhere where they spend thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands, living it up. All, according to the media, on the backs of working folks and government bailout money.

buy provigil amazon Right now, there is a group of executives having a conference at the lavish Fontainbleau Resort in Miami Beach. They haven’t been summoned before Congress to defend themselves, so let’s expose what they’re up to!

First off, let’s look at room rates. If you checked in tomorrow and stayed until Sunday, a mere “Superior Room” (the lowest) will set you back $399 a night. If you’re a mid-level executive and want to stick it to the working man, how about an “Oceanview Balcony Room” for $559-$629 a night. If you’re really at the top of the economic food chain and don’t give a crap – and never have – about anybody who is employed by you, try on the “Versailles One Bedroom Oceanview Suite” for $1,099 a night. Still not good enough? Well, there are suites available at a $1,429 rate too.

Now, let’s eat. At the “Gotham Steak” restaurant, a 10-ounce Black Angus Filet Mignon is $48 and the 20-ounce Ribeye is $52. Everything is a la carte, so tack on $15 for a Caesar salad, $10 for a baked potato, and $12 for creamed spinach. If you don’t want steak, how about Italian food? At “Scarpetta”, you can get a lovely “Puree of Chestnut Soup” (with truffles) for $14, to which we’ll add some tomato and basil spaghetti for $25 and top it off with the Milk Fed Veal Chop for $42. All of this, of course, is before what I’m sure will be a substantial bar bill.

After this meal, we’re going to need to recuperate so let’s go to the spa. Services there range from mid-$100s to over $300 per – figure we’ll drop an easy grand there.

Now, we’re at the pool and we’ve gotten a cabana for us and our entourage – and the fat cat big-wigs we’re entertaining. We’re going all out here, so that’s another grand.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Now, who are the actual executives that are enjoying Fontainebleau luxury this week?

Well, they’re the leaders of the AFL-CIO who are there spending the dues money of hard working union members.

Still waiting for the Democratic political outcry at this extravagance.

Hat tip: Mark Levin


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