Who’s afraid of Sarah Palin?

The left-wing media/entertainment types are, apparently. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Why else would they be trying to get Governor Palin out of politics and on to television? The Left fears this woman, and hates her very existence because she puts the lie to all the liberal assertions of what it means to be a feminist and a woman.

It’s surprising that the article suggested a reality show that just follows the Palin family and Sarah as Governor of Alaska. There is buy topamax no way left-wing media power brokers would buy cheap generic provigil ever allow such a program on the air, at least, not in a form or outlet that would enable everybody to see it. The last thing the Left would want is for everybody to see that the Palin family is just like all of ours.

There’s another big, big point that this article misses. What makes any of them think that Sarah Palin would actually sign up for it? Don’t you all remember her line at the RNC about not going to Washington to seek the media’s approval?

Sarah might make TV a career, but it will be after her occupancy of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – as President, not just VP.


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