Thank You, Congressman Jason Altmire collect As you’ve probably heard, the massive socialization of the US economy cloaked as a financial rescue has passed both houses of Congress and will be signed into law by President Bush.

tabulate danazol price 171 American Patriots of both parties stood fast and voted NO on this legislative travesty. One of them was my Congressman, Mr. Jason Altmire (Democrat) of the Pennsylvania 4th District.

symbolize I contacted Mr. Altmire’s office several times during these past days to first encourage him to vote against any bailout, then to thank him for his original vote on Monday against the bailout, and then to continue to oppose the measure. I’m thankful that many others in our district did the same, and that Mr. Altmire listened to his constituents.

buy shatavari online collate I do not support Mr. Altmire’s reelection, but on this day, I am proud he is representing me.


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