Every day is a gift

buy pfizer viagra online india One week ago today, I was driving on the Ohio Turnpike south of Cleveland when I was clipped in the left rear by an 18-wheeler, proceeded to spin across three traffic lanes without being hit by anything, and crashed into the center concrete barrier. As providence would have it, the only damage was to my car – I walked away completely unhurt, but with very frazzled nerves.

Lyrica order form Today, I made the same trip along the same stretch of road feeling very nervous. The skid marks I left on the pavement are gone, but I did see the black marks on the concrete where my car hit. On passing, I said a brief prayer of thanksgiving for the protection that He assuredly extended to me last week.

Every morning when I wake, I thank Jesus Christ for being given another day. All the more so now, I also ask Him every morning what his plan for me on this day is.

Everything comes from Him above; no life is possible without our Lord and Savior. If you don’t give Him thanks daily, I encourage you to do so! As I now pray daily to ask the Lord what is His mind for me, I know not where he will lead me, but I know that I will trust in Him.

Thanks be to God!


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