The New Yankee Stadium

Ground has been broken for the new home of my beloved New York Yankees. For the longest time, I was completely opposed to the Bronx Bombers strattera no prescription ever leaving “the House that Ruth Built.” Once I had been to several of the newer ballparks, including what many say the finest of the new, PNC Park, I started coming around to reality. Given the artist’s impressions of what the new park will look like, all I can say is “PLAY BALL!”

I’ll never forget the current Yankee Stadium. From the first game I went to (don’t remember much, except Thurman Munson hit two home runs), to Mattingly and Winfield, to the greatest standing ovations for Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio on Old Timers’ Days, it’s been image source the place for baseball in my mind.

Here’s to what could someday be known as “the House that Jeter, A-Rod, and Rivera Built”. See you at the ballpark in 2009!


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