Glad it isn’t my tax dollars paying for this.

useful link Matt Drudge links to this story from the UK (warning: non-work friendly or kid-safe image on the page) about a woman sitting naked with a dead pig for four hours and calling it “art”, courtesy of the taxpayers. I think I’ll go home tonight, dump all my garbage on the front lawn, sit in the middle of it (sorry, no nudity), call it “performance art” and then see if I can get a grant to fund it.

Way back in the day when I applied to the National Endowment for the Humanities for a grant for my historical research into steel industry technological innovations, I think I got rejected before the ink was dry on my application. Perhaps I’d have had a better chance at approval if my application wanted to research something like “lack of steel industry innovation leading to increased prostitution and adult businesses in steel towns, including pictures thereof“. Yeah, that would’ve been a shoo-in for a grant.

Call me one of those heartless conservatives if you want, but the whackos who want to view junk like this should pay for it directly instead of relying on the state (whichever or wherever) to sponsor their depravity.


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